About Us​

House of Bagmati presents you a specific rage of designer household products. Bagmati has been known since 1995 for its high quality and luxurious products.

Bagmati has been expanding its wings into new segment of designer household products according to change in time and trend which has helped it to remain competitive in this business till now.

The dynamic and hardworking export team of Bagmati has been creating a uniquely designed range of everyday use household products that are strong and durable, made from the highest quality raw material (100% virgin polymers).

Bagmati household products are made from 100% food grade material that are safe and its trendy colors makes the products look fresh just like the food inside it.

With the best quality designer houseware products which are cheap, stronger, lightweight, moldable and durable made from German technology, Bagmati Designer Houseware is here to add comfort, convenience, and safety for everyday use.

उच्चस्तरिय प्लाष्टिकका घरायसि सामानहरु
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